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About Rise Behavioral Health, LLC

Are you feeling lost, anxious, confused, or overwhelmed? Maybe you don't know what to feel, but you know you need help. If you are reading this, you've already made the first step. We are just a call away to support you with mental health, substance use, and behavioral health needs. We rise by lifting others. 


Rise Behavioral Health, LLC is a mental health and substance

use agency whose goal is to provide quality service that will help you on your road to wellness and recovery.  

Some reasons people reach out to us include: anxiety, depression, trauma, family issues, teen challenges, ADHD, grief, LGBTQ issues, substance use issues, recovery maintenance, and mental health/substance use education services. 

As a  SWAM certified business, we are designated as a micro, small, minority, women-owned business and welcome state and federal business. Our mental health services are designed to support clients with staying in the community, remaining stable and out of inpatient psychiatric care.

Our Services

Counseling Services

Licensed counselors provide a safe space for children and adults to work through mental health related challenges in the following areas:


Self- Esteem

Coping Skills

Anger Management

Conflict management

Is addiction or substance use negatively affecting your life?

Recovery starts now.

Available services include: 

Substance Use Assessments
Substance Use Counseling

Substance Use Group Counseling
Screenings and Brief Interventions
Substance Use Education Classes


Substance Use Services


Personalized training to learn tasks related to the following areas:


Anger Management

Conflict Management

Mental Wellness

Education/Skills Training

The Coping Skills List

Coping skills are those daily activities that we use to help deal with, work through, or process our emotions.  This list is useful for mapping out coping skills and activities that you can do to overcome and manage stress and emotional turmoil.


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