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Individual Counseling: Individual counseling offers children and adults a safe place to explore the things in their life that may not be working for them.  We work with you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to make positive changes in your life. 

Online/Virtual Counseling:   Your counseling session is completed with a counselor, over the phone or by video conferencing. Client must show they are comfortable with utilizing technology and can complete sessions in a safe, confidential place. Counselor's will conduct a screening and assessment to ensure this service is appropriate, safe, and benefits the client.

*Only online/virtual counseling is offered at this time.


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Counseling Services


Here are the Substance Use Services we provide:

Substance Use Services

Substance Use Assessments

An assessment is an important first step in establishing your needs. We ask questions to help us develop a plan to help you. We provide substance use assessments for legal reasons, probation/parole, family court, DUI’s, and more. Schedule your screening today. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request.


   Substance Use Counseling

We offer substance use individual and family counseling for children and adults. We provide judgment-free, therapeutic counseling services that support you on your road to recovery. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request.


Screenings and Brief Interventions

This service is used to identify individuals at risk for alcohol or drug use problems, followed by a brief discussion between an individual and our substance use counselor. The brief intervention includes feedback about the screening results (what they mean for the patient and his/her health), advice based on medical concern and low-risk guidelines, and support for the decision of the client. Screenings and Brief Interventions are often used for teenagers and young adults to prevent the impact of substance use. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request.

Substance Use Education Classes

*Provided upon request. Rise Behavioral Health, LLC is a SWAM certified business and looks forward to collaborating with all city, state, federal, and nonprofit organizations to provide substance use education.
Substance use education classes are offered on an as-needed basis and tailored to the requesting organizations’ need.

Contact us for rates and availability. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request.



Personal Development: actions taken to make improvements in the following areas: mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and/or physical. 


We support you with accessing strengths and areas of need, developing an improvement plan, and tracking progress towards your goals. 


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Interpersonal Skills:   skills used daily to interact with others. The two main interpersonal skills are communication and listening skills. Other important interpersonal skills also include being able to manage emotions, problem-solving, and team work. 

We support you with identfiying areas of needs and developing a plan of action to practice and increase interpersonal skills. 

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Skills Training 

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