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The People Behind Rise Behavioral Health

Rise Behavioral Health was established in 2016 as a community-based mental health agency. We provided in-home services to adults and children for four years until 2020. To better serve our clients during the pandemic, we transitioned to online counseling services. After tranistioning, we were able to successfully provide our services to the entire state of Virginia and and add addtional services available to clients worldwide.  We currently provide in-office and virtual services to adults and children in the state of Virginia.

We continue to provide quality behavioral health services that will help you on your road to recovery and wellness.  

Who are we?

Rise Behavioral Health, is a mental health service provider. We provide in-office and online counseling services to the entire state of Virginia. Our staff are Virginia Board of Counseling licensed and certified. 

Why do we serve?

Our goal is to provide culturally competent, services services to those in need. 

How you benefit from our services?

Counseling provides you with a safe space to address issues. 

Those who struggle with substance use recovery can use our services to maintain sobriety. Those who are new in their journey or may be unsure if they have a substance use problem can complete a screening, receive support learning, and understand how substance use is affecting them.


We Rise By Lifting Others


Latiesha Wiggins, Executive Director
MaShawn Scott, Clinical Supervisor
Antonio Neal, Counseling Resident 
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