The People Behind Rise Behavioral Health

Rise Behavioral Health, LLC is a licensed service provider specializing in community-based mental health services and substance use services. We serve all seven cities and surrounding counties in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Our staff are Virginia Board of Counseling licensed and certified.

Our mission is to provide quality behavioral health services that will help you on your road to recovery and health.  

Who are we?

Rise Behavioral Health, LLC is a mental health and substance use agency. We provide mental health skill-building services, which are adult support services for those whose completion of daily living tasks are affected by a mental illness diagnosis, such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.
We also provide substance use services, including individual and family counseling.

Why do we serve?

Rise Behavioral Health, LLC is here to support those who need clinical supports caused by a mental health or substance use diagnosis. Through service, education, and advocacy, our goal is to provide quality service that will help you on your road to recovery and health.  

How you benefit from our services?

Mental health supports will provide 1:1 community-based supports, which is designed to support clients with staying in the community and remaining stable and out of inpatient psychiatric care.

Those who struggle with substance use recovery can use our services to maintain sobriety. Those who are new in their journey or may be unsure if they have a substance use problem can complete a screening, receive support learning, and understand how substance use is affecting them.

We Rise By Lifting Others