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 Counseling & Support Groups

What is group counseling?

A group of 5-15 participants who meet with a trained counselor facilitator to discuss issues for growth and change. Groups meet once a week for 45-90 minutes. 


Group counseling is a powerful and therapeutic tool used to foster connection, problem-solve, and give you a new persective on your situation.  Group members start out as strangers, but often grow into an important  and trusted source of support. (FLYER)


Rise Behavioral Health Groups

Hopeful Hearts (Adult Depression Group)

Hopeful Hearts is a 4-week, adult counseling group that provides a supportive, therapeutic environment focused on learning practical ways to cope with depression. This group meets  in-person, 1x weekly on Saturdays. New group members are accepted at the beginning of each month. After signing up, the group leader will contact you with more information. Affordable self-pay options available. 

Rise & Thrive (Emotional Support Group)

Rise & Thrive is a virtual emotional support group that provides a safe space for participants to express emotions about various life issues. Through sharing, participants offer support, encouragement, and comfort to eachother.  This group meets online, weekly and new members are accepted weekly. After signing up, the group leader will contact you with more information. Affordable self-pay options available. 

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