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This Managing Emotions for Mental Wellness Workbook has 81 pages with unique resources to help you understand your emotional responses. This workbook is great for creating strategies to increase healthy coping skills and processing your feelings when you feel stressed and out of control.  Download this PDF file directly to your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, or computer. It is compatible with any PDF viewer.

Module 1 Learning My Emotions
Activity 1: Emotional Age
Activity 2: Meaning of Emotions
Activity 3: Patterns and Triggers

Activity 4: Reflection


Module 2 Choosing How I Respond

Activity 1: Emotional Regulation

Activity 2: Response Accountability


Module 3 Communicating My Emotions

Activity 1: Communication Goals

Activity 2: The Pause, Stress Response
Activity 3: Sharing Emotional Needs
Activity 4: What to Say


Module 4 My Emotion Response Plan

Effective Emotion Response Action Plan

Goal Setting (How to Use My Templates)

Emotion Response Plan Template

SMART Goals Template

Emotion Safety Plan Template

Documented Changes Form


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